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kicking the haters to the curb
i've been incredibly lazy this past week, so i must apologize for the lack of updates. enough has happened for to afford me substantial material to write about, however, so the one week hiatus was not entirely in vain.

it turns out i was wrong about my friend (even though i said i knew i'd be right). she's apparently more attached to the guy she was seeing than i had originally estimated, and she's not as selfish as i thought. go figure.

in other news, i've plowed through much of the legend of zelda: a link to the past; so much so that i'm already at Ganon's Tower. i think i need to pace myself more so i don't ache for another game to play before my next paycheck.

in school news, i've discovered that my last semester of undergrad stuff is even more anti-climatic than i had originally thought. quite frankly, nothing is a challenge anymore. my graduate class hasn't begun yet, although i can't be excited about this fact because the delay is a result of my professor having cancer. i can't help but see the irony in this when i read about hellspawn like thiswho populate the earth, but I digress.

the new layout comes as a direct result of my becoming bored with the previous one. i've always been a fan of subtlety (i'll have to post my current desktop wallpaper as an example), and i'm probably going to incorporate slight color into the plain white design to achieve this end. as of right now, i really like the way the purple emoticons look against the all white background (aesthetics are pleasing to me).

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well, it looks like i'm back for my final undergraduate semester. i have to say i'm pretty happy with the way things turned out during christmas time. i scored a dvd burner, digital camcorder and a gameboy advance sp, perhaps the sexiest gift out of the three.

needless to say, i promptly scored a copy of the legend of zelda: link to the past/four swords and mario kart: super circuit. both games have since proved to be well worth my valuable coin. the multiplayer mode added to the former game is a great time, with players forced to work together to get through the many stages.

women are really interesting, let me tell you. i met a girl towards the end of last semester, but as this semester begins i'm realizing that i'm really only viable as a friend when there's no one else around for her to hang out with. in any case, i'll see if my estimation of her intentions is right in the coming weeks (i'm pretty sure it is).

in any case, i'm eager to finish off my undergrad work and start grad school. undergraduate studies provided some challenges (definitely not many), and i'm hoping graduate school will provide much more. i'm also hoping to start some serious digital film projects with my camera. i'm just waiting for the proper circumstances to arise on campus.

but for now, i'll make due with proper lebanese cuisine: pita bread, hummus and lebni!

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i'm done with school for the semester, and now all that's left is to walk in the commencement ceremony tomorrow. i'm not exactly even close to being done with school; i still have three classes left for undergraduate stuff, and then i have graduate school. however, i'm still glad to be walking now and getting it over with so i don't have to deal with it later.

i don't really see it as any sort of accomplishment. when i look back at my years of undergraduate work, i can't say i was ever really challenged once, which is kind of sad. oh, well. i get paid tomorrow, so after the ceremony i'm probably going to buy a gameboy advance sp, something i've been meaning to do for a long time. oddly enough, it's not the portability i'm after, but the ports of classic 8 and 16-bit titles. at this point in time, buying these titles new for the gba sp would be cheaper than the their old incarnations.

in any case, tomorrow marks the close of whatever the hell college is supposed to be in one's life. i don't really feel accomplished or anything, but i'm hoping graduate school can change that.

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for the first time in a long time, i have an easy finals week. i'll be taking two exams, but neither will be hard enough to warrant worrying about them, so i won't be holding any last minute stress sessions this semester. i did, however, have a ton of things to do this week, all of which projects that snuck up on me, so i really couldn't even think about posting an update. now that i've experienced a return to normalcy, i can talk about thanksgiving.

yes, i ate a metric ton of food. the turkey that my mother got as a gift from her work was absolutely, and unnecessarily, the biggest turkey i have ever seen. i can only assume that the turkey was meant for a much larger family, specifically a family with 30 members. so, as you can probably imagine, nary a dent was made in the behemoth, and many leftovers were wrapped. we also tried making candied yams from scratch this year, and they turned out so wonderfully that i don't think i'll ever be able to consume the canned stuff ever again.

the day after thanksgiving (also known as "black friday" to those who work in retail stores) was a miserable hell of people bitching and complaining. i don't know what other kind of conditions most of these idiots expected they were going to be shopping in, considering they're the same every year, so i can only assume these people were virgins to the "black friday" tradition. i picked up a cd of no doubt's singles, which might as well have been labeled "greatest hits," and the red hot chili peppers' cd of their greatest hits, which was actually titled as such. both were worth the nine bucks i paid for them each.

the latter part of thanksgiving break was spent planning out how i was going to survive the projects i had due for reading week. all of them were somehow completed on time, but i still can't figure out how i managed to pull that off (mountain dew was involved, somehow). since my last week of undergraduate work won't be too hard, i've little left to do except play nintendo.

contra is hard as hell at first, but rewarding once you memorize the levels. good times.

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i'll leave the mega thanksgiving update for later tonight, but this can't wait. i present to you the sexiest thing i have ever seen.

a japanese gamer beating super mario bros 3 in 11 minutes (right-click and "save target as...")

to dust off an old fark cliche, it was "surprisingly easy to masturbate to."

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yeah, it's that time in the semester where all the shit i've put off for the past few weeks comes back to haunt me and needs to be done soon. it's this cruel game that i play where i tell myself i can get everything done early, yet find some way to keep putting it off. i've already got a ten page paper to write, and two take home projects, among other things. luckily, french isn't going to be that much of a hassle, as our oral final is supposed to be very easy, and simply a means of helping those with sub-par grades.

in any case, my interest in diablo 2 is starting to wane already, though i've started a new character to break away from the monotony of playing as that damn assassin for days on end. i also have a necromancer that i've grown tired of, and will probably delete sometime in the near future. thanksgiving break is coming soon, and that not only means going home to eat until i feel bloated and sleepy, but also that i have the chance to grab my nintendo from home to make the last two weeks of school less painful.

i discovered that the nes emulation on the dreamcast isn't as flawless as i had hoped.

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i've been wasting my life away playing this infernal game for the past few days, and i think i can finally say that i'm addicted. i think part of this has to do with the fact that it reminds me so much of smash tv. that was probably one of my favorite quarter munchers back in the day, when arcades were still popular and the best console systems still weren't capable of running arcade perfect translations.

those were my fondest memories from childhood. i went to the arcade with ten dollars and walked around with my pockets overflowing with quarters. this was almost a weekly ritual for my friends and i. i think i've beaten golden axe at least a hundred times. now, the next generation console systems are all more powerful than the arcade architecture that runs most games, so arcades have all but died. they're still around, but there just isn't that influx of fun, replayable games that dominated the arcades in their golden age.

oh, well, i guess i'll just have to make do with my nes and snes for now. i played super mario all-stars for the first time yesterday, and i was very pleased that they didn't touch the core gameplay at all. the graphics had to be updated, i suppose, to justify the purchase, but they aren't too distracting. let it also be known that secret of mana is one of the best rpgs ever made.

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the link above goes to a mp3 download site that offers a set number of mp3s a month for a fixed monthly cost. i used up the entire 40 song trial and was so impressed with the quality of the tracks that i took the 40 song basic service plan for ten dollars. this is the first site of this type that i've been to that served up its product as variable bit rate mp3s, and it impressed me enough to subscribe. the only problem is that song download numbers don't carry over from month to month, so any downloads you don't use are lost. i realized after subscribing that winter break falls right into a month on my billing cycle, so i promptly downloaded four albums and cancelled. i'll be back next semester though!

i was really impressed with this site. the selection of artists isn't that big so far, but i've always been open to new music, so i had to give it a shot. as i stated earlier, the mp3s sound like heaven, and i've never been a big fan of liner notes, so i won't miss those. with the money i normally spend on cds, i think this is a great deal. i might even spring for the premium plan for fifteen dollars, giving me 60 songs! god, i'm a music addict. the site has some great hip hop and reggae artists, so there's no question i will return to the service next semester. if you're into getting music legitimately and/or supporting an enterprise so that the RIAA will notice and be forced to lower cd prices to compete, i suggest checking it out.

even if i had not liked anything on the site, i probably would have supported the site just out of my desire to see digital music distribution become a viable enterprise. four albums for ten dollars sounds like a good deal to me.

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i walked down the local walmart around midnight and picked up the lord of the rings: the two towers (special extended sexy edition). not surprisingly, there were several people already there waiting to acquire their copies of the film. with the 40 minutes of added footage it now clocks in at around three hours and forty minutes in length. i haven't watched it yet, and i doubt i'll have that much time to watch it until later in the week when i get all my crap for school done.

speaking of which, there sure is a ton of crap left to do before i get out of this semester alive. i'm probably going to sign up for a grad class next semester, which should be relatively interesting. i'm not sure which one it wil be at this point, but it will probably fall under the heading of rhetoric and composition theory if i do anything.

in other news apparently we've moved forward into the twenty first century at last. i suppose human rights have finally made it into the american judicial agenda (ok, they've been on the agenda for a while), and it's nice to know we're actualy showing some semblance of being a progressive society again. hurray for everything!

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the subject sums this post up properly. i ran around doing a lot of things today, but the ultimate sum of those things seems to be zero. all of my classes are in that "wind down" period before final exams and due dates approach, so class sizes dwindle and teachers attempt to fill the void by giving us whatever sort of information they can trick us into thinking might be relevant to the final projects and exams. it's a fun little game, really.

in any case, i find myself spending far too much time playing diablo 2 as of late. i'm going to try and force myself to start on my final paper project this weekend so i'm not stressing out during reading week when it needs to be finished. also, if i stay inside all weekend playing that stupid game that means that i'll be avoiding human contact. while it's easy to do, and i enjoy it the majority of the time, i'd rather see what's out there, if there's anything at all.

for now, i'll make due with sleeping.

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